Paragraph Writing On Daily Life


I follow a routine in my daily life. I usually get up early n the
morning. I was myself and go out for a walk by the river-side. After
an hour’s walk I come back home, take tea with two slices of toast and
sit down to my study. Iread up to 9 a.m. Then I have my bath in the
river, take my midday meal and leave for school. At school I behave
in a disciplined way and listen attentively to what the teachers say.
Back from school, I take light refreshement and go to the playground.
I play football in summer and cricket in winter. I feel fresh after the
I return home at nightfall. I wash again, change my dress and sit
down to study. I read and write for a couple of hours. Usually I take
my supper at half past nine along with my brothers and sisters. I go
to bed when the clock strikes ten. Tired in mind and body I fall soon
to sound and dreamless sleep.
There is a slight departure from this routine on Sundays and other
holidays. I visti my friends and relatives in the mornings of these days
and sleep the noons away. Every minute of my life is enjoyable to me
and I feel proud of the manner 1 live my life.
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