Differences between Speed and velocity

Differences between Speed and Velocity

Hello everybody today I’m answering an important question that many of us get confused about while writing exams mostly. And because of that confusion, many of us will lose most of the marks in the physics exam. So today let’s find the difference between Speed and Velocity.

So, I’m going to tell you what the difference is in words and then I will explain it with an easy example so basically the difference between them is that velocity has a direction while speed does not in physics we call speed.

A scalar quantity while velocity is a vector that means that if we take this expression 30 kilometers per hour just like that now this is speed because it says distance over time.

So, this is by definition speed as simple as that but for velocity now this expression would look something like 30 kilometers per hour in the north direction or dear north now let’s take a look at a very simple example.

If you took your bicycle and you want to go to the park if you’re riding your bicycle at five kilometers per hour until you reach the park.

Differences between Speed and Velocity
Differences between Speed and Velocity

Then your speed is five kilometers per hour is the distance that you have covered in the time it took you to cover it before velocity like I said it has to do with the direction.

So for example, if you start from point A and you go with that speed in a circle and then you come back to point and again the exact same point then we say your speed here is five kilometers per hour.

But, your velocity here is zero and the reason it is zero is that there is no directional game you started it at the same point and then you came back at the same point again.

Even if you were to walk four meters this way two meters this way four meters this way and then two meters up here then your velocity or average velocity is zero per hour.

The difference between the two it’s like the difference between distance and displacement. Basically, if you’re not
Sure about that one comment below and I will make your doubt clarify. Also if you have any doubts regarding anything feel free to comment down.

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