Everyday Life English Conversations

Everyday Life English Conversations

Hello friends, today we will learn how to use English in our daily life and see how to communicate with others using Everyday Life English Conversations.

well what do you think about the two


I think both candidates are very good

and their academic background is


but I was more impressed by Evelyn

because she was very confident and


victoria was too shy I guess

what do you think

that’s right victoria is a

quieter person

Everyday Life English Conversations

Everyday Life English Conversations

she is quieter yes but she’s obviously

less confident too

did you notice her weak handshake?

evelyn’s handshake was firm

I don’t think that detail is so


she also had poor eye contact

she was extremely nervous


great cv great qualifications but total

lack of confidence

and she never smiled I think she is a

the person who doesn’t work well in

stressful situations

Evelyn had an expressive face was

smiling and had very good eye contact

maybe she was just a bit intimidated by

the whole setup

that doesn’t mean she can’t handle

Everyday Life English Conversations

stressful situations

you want to reject her simply because

she was a bit nervous

how do we choose then given the fact?

that their qualifications are almost


come to think of it victoria is more


by five months not much of a difference

well the quietest people are the

smartest people

the ones who talk less have the most

brain power

as I said what else have we got to base

our decision on

let’s better go grab lunch and give it

some more thought


hello what seems to be the problem with

Everyday Life English Conversations

the washer ma’am

well my washer is draining super slowly

until it just completely shuts off

and then some kind of error pops out on

the display

I see

it’s very likely to be a clogged drain

pump filter

you can find the filter at the bottom

the right corner of the washer

there’s a little door here see

you must open it and take out the pump


here it is

oh I didn’t even know about this filter

you must clean it every couple of months

I see

okay I’ve cleaned it

let’s put it back

now the washer will start to drain


let’s just do a quick test I’ll fill the

washer up with water and then see how

fast it drains it

so we got the washer filled

up let’s press start

it’s draining nice and fast now


Everyday Life English Conversations

thank you so much for your help

I’ll make sure to keep the filter clean

from now on

good afternoon community clinic Sophia

speaking how can I help you

hello this is paul Thomas

I’m calling to make an appointment to

see dr martin it’s about a checkup

all right what day would you like to

come in

Thursday or Friday would be okay and I’d

prefer late afternoon if you have an


let me see

thursday’s pretty full

how does 5 30 on Friday suju

yes 5 30 works for me

all right I’ll put you down and the name


Paul Thomas

and it was for a checkup you said

that’s right

okay then paul we’ll see you on Friday

at 5 30.

thanks a lot

no problem is there anything else I can

help you with

no thanks that’ll be it goodbye now


hello I’d like to rent a car for a few



do you have your driver’s license with


yes I do

we have all kinds of cars available from

small size to SUVs

if you want an economy car we have a

nice hybrid

is it a four-door

yes it is take a look

well it’s a little small do you have

anything bigger and faster

well we have a midsize car but the

hybrid is more economical

how about a van I have a large family

sure we have a van it’s very roomy

it’s the biggest and most expensive of

the three

well I’ll take the van how much is it


37.25 cents a day

how long will you be renting the car

five days

how many people will be driving the

car just myself

would you like insurance?

how much is it

it is 14.95 a day and it covers

everything regardless of fault

yes of course

can I have your name?

Martha Clark

can I see your driver’s license and a

credit card

here you go

thank you great

that will be 261 dollars

please sign here

your expected time to return the car is

September 15th

when you return the car bring this

invoice with you

is there anything else I can do for you

that will be all thank you

thank you goodbye

what are you doing daniel?

you don’t look very good are you sick

I have a nosebleed

I have to wait until the bleeding stops

it’s dangerous to tilt your head back if

you have a nosebleed honey

blood can get into your throat if you

sit in that position

you may swallow it and that can irritate

your stomach

but what should I do then mom?

you should lean your head forward and

block your nostrils with your thumb and

index finger

how long should I hold it?

keep holding it for about 10 minutes and

let it go

I see I didn’t know that

do you know what caused the nosebleed?

I got hit in the nose by a ball just

before coming in

it was an accident

some kids were playing soccer

I think it already stopped

I’m okay now

good I’m so relieved

hello, how can I help you today?

I was in a hurry tripped and fell and i

think I broke my hand

can you move it


it hurts if I try to move it

I see

it’s swollen

do you have your insurance card with you?

yes I do

here it is

dr miller is on duty in the yard today

he’ll have a look at your hand in a


I’m dr miller and your name is

my name is rob Allen

I hear you have a hurt hand let’s look

at that, we’ll take some x-rays but it

looks broken

will I need to have surgery?

no, you will need a cast

how long does a cast take to put on

it will take about 30 minutes

including the x-rays and putting on the

the cast we should have you out of herein

about two hours

will it be uncomfortable wearing it?

well it can cause your underlying skin

to feel itchy

how long do I need to wear the cast?

for about a month but let’s first get

you to the x-ray room

MR baker where were you on August 25th

at approximately nine in the morning

I was in my car at the intersection of

Maine and smith

what were you doing at that time?

I was driving

where were you going

I was going to work

what happened next

I was stopped at a red light and struck

from behind by another car

how long were you stopped before being

struck from behind

a few seconds

what was the impact like it was pretty?


what do you mean by that

the crash was loud my head snapped back

and my neck hurt

I felt really dizzy at the time

explain what you mean by your neck hurt

I was stiff and I had sharp pains going

into my shoulder area

what happened next

soon an ambulance arrived at the scene

the attendants approached me and asked

me some questions

they put me in a neck brace and placed

me on a stretcher and then into the


what happened when she arrived at the

emergency room

a nurse came in and cleaned the wound

put the bandages on and called the


what happened then

the doctor came in and looked at me

he admitted me to the hospital and sent

me to x-ray

I found out that the impact caused me to

suffer an injury requiring surgery.

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