Family Life- English Conversations

come on get out of bed

Maggie already up and dressed

good morning mom

let’s check the weather out today

it’s looking a bit cloudy

looks like it’s gonna rain

so we should take our umbrellas

the trees are blowing side to side it

means it’s a little windy but still a

lovely morning

go to the bathroom and brush your teeth

then get dressed and come downstairs to

get some breakfast

okay mom


what are we going to have for breakfast?

we’re going to have a bagel with eggs

bacon and cream cheese this morning

and strawberry blueberry smoothie


can I make the smoothie?


you need frozen strawberries blueberries

almond milk and greek yogurt

it sounds yummy

shall I also put some bananas?

no, we should leave the banana out of

this recipe allows the flavors of the

berries to shine

grab the blender and add almond milk


then toss in the strawberries

blueberries and greek yogurt

blend it until smooth

you can add some cinnamon too

it looks nice and thick

and it tastes delicious

the egg bagel sandwiches are ready too

I’ve also added tomatoes and cucumbers

we are missing the main ingredient the


that is a yummy egg bagel sandwich

it’s so filling

now that we had breakfast I guess we

better get going

it looks like it’s getting nice out

that’s right I thought it would rain


it’s the day we thoroughly clean the

whole house

we throw away things we don’t need

pack up things to donate to the local

homeless shelter

clean all of the rooms

and wash all the windows

what exactly do we have to do mom?

you must clean your rooms they are


clear your beds and chairs of all the

items and be sure to put them in their

appropriate place

clean under the beds too

then make your beds using fresh linens

vacuum the entire room

dust the shelves and put the books that

are on the floor in their right places

clear and clean the dressers and leave

them in order


that’s a lot to do

we better get started we have a lot to

do indeed

I have to do several loads of laundry

and clean the kitchen and the dining


I’ll clean the living room and the attic

it’s getting full up there

I don’t even remember what’s in there


me neither

we probably don’t need a lot of that


what should we do with it?

I think I’m gonna have a garage sale

next weekend

yeah that’s a great idea


I have finished cleaning the windows

that was a huge job

oh good

let me check the list and see what we’ve

done so far

have you cleaned the counters?

yes I have

so you can mark them as finished


I’ll mark the windows off the list too

what about the floors

have you vacuumed and mopped them?

I have done that too

what else have we put on the list

dusting the shelves

I already did that yesterday

oh yeah I remember so I’ll cross that

off the list too

so how about you what have you done so


I’ve cleaned the attic I’ve made three

piles keep donate or sell and trash

I found a few sentimental items that i

decided to keep

there is so much more space now it looks



I still have to clean the living room

then I’m done

okay I’ll go check on the kids now

mom what’s for dinner

I could really go for something spicy

like chili

spicy I’m not into spicy food right now

gee I’ve been so busy with house

cleaning that I haven’t given dinner a

single thought

anyway I don’t feel much like cooking

I’m just too tired to prepare a meal

even a small one

plus there’s almost nothing in the

fridge because we didn’t make it to the

grocery store this weekend

what do you say we order some food?

good idea dad let’s order Chinese food

don’t we have a menu somewhere?

the last time we ordered from that place

the food was greasy and it took them

forever to deliver

but you know what

there’s a new greek restaurant downtown

I heard they deliver very fast

but as in greek would have lots of


just the thought of garlic turns me off

garlic’s good for you I can’t get enough

of it myself

at this rate, we’ll never get anything to


I’m starving you two are too picky

let’s better order some pizza and put on

a good movie

good idea

I’m crazy about pizza

in fact, my favorite is Hawaiian

I don’t like Hawaiian pizza I can’t

stand pineapple on pizza

I prefer to eat fruit for dessert

not with the main course so I’ll go for

chicken pizza

I’ll have pepperoni

me too


mom asked me to go grocery shopping but

I need to finish my homework

can you go for me Nicholas

I guess I can

what did mom want you to buy?

some porkfish vegetables and milk you

can buy some snacks too like chocolate


what kind of fish does mom want?

mom wants some salmon and some cod to make

sure that they are fresh

how much salmon and cod should I buy

oh buy four pieces of salmon fillet

and four pieces of cod filet

do I need to buy some spices so mom can

marinate a fish

yes get some ground pepper and some


how about vegetables

we need carrots potatoes cabbage and

some lettuce

we need some fruit also what do you want

apples and bananas

and how about some soft drinks


buy some bottled water instead

it is healthier for us

oh I just remembered we also need bread

please put it on the list

should I get one loaf or two

two loaves

you have quite a few items to take care


you need to get going

yes the list is quite long

by the time I get to the cashier to pay

I will probably have a full shopping


okay I am all set to go I’ll be back




the clothes dryer stopped working we

need a new one

but this one is not so old we just need

to fix it

I can do it myself it needs just a new

moisture sensor

are you sure you can do it it seems a

complicated job

better call the repairman

I’m not going to let the repair guy rip

me off and pay hundreds of dollars on


I come from a long line of handymen

my dad used to fix everything lawn

mowers cars appliances

his father was a house builder one of

his brothers built boats and one made


I’ve been helping my dad and grandpa

since I was a young child on anything

so I think I can fix the dryer myself

I’ll have this thing running in no time


I watched an instructional video so i

know exactly what to do


it’s done it’s as good as new I fixed

the dryer

I took it all apart and swapped out the

the sensor now press start and see if it


it works I had no idea you were so good

with your hands

you could say that repairing

things have always been in your blood


can you hold the end of this tape?


sure what’s this for

I’m taking some measurements for new


didn’t you say the house needs doing


what about measuring the floor for a new

carpet and the walls for a new wallpaper

I thought we’d just fix up the wood

floor and use some paint for the walls

okay sounds good

we need to scrape off all the loose

flakes of paint before redecorating

tomorrow we’ll go out and pick out some

curtains and paint

I can’t wait

uh, shall we redecorate the hallway too?

we can consider it

maybe we can decorate it in a more

traditional way


I went over the household budget and

we’ve overspent this month

our expenses are mounting

we have to cut back on our shopping from

now on

that’s too bad

we need to figure out how much money

we’ve spent and what we’ve spent it on

okay let’s get the receipts out

let’s see we’ve spent 850 on our home

loan payment

300 on groceries

111 on utilities

250 on gasoline

two hundred dollars on clothes one

hundred dollars on books

a hundred fifty dollars on cell phones

and four hundred dollars on

entertainment last month


hundred sixty 2


we put five hundred dollars into the

savings account

that’s two hundred eighty-six sixty-one


our paychecks add up to thirty-one

hundred dollars

that means we don’t have any receipts

for 239 dollars


let’s think about it for a bit

where do you think we can save money?

well we could eat in more often

that 400 for entertainment is mostly

going to restaurants

yeah that’s a good idea and you like to



did you see our last electricity bill?

no was it high

it was very high

how much higher is it than usual

it is double the normal amount

wow that is high can we afford that

no, we need to do some changes from now

on to lower it

but what can we do

from now on we must unplug the unused

electronic devices

next, we must adjust the water

temperature to 48 degrees celsius it

shouldn’t be hotter than that

we can do our laundry using cold water

that will save a bunch of money because

we’re not wasting hot water

also, we should run full loads

instead of doing multiple small loads we

should do one big load

another way to save is to lower the

the temperature when we’re going to sleep at

night or when we’re not in the house

during the winter months, we can set the

temperature to 18 degrees celsius


during the hot summer days, we can

increase the temperature to 24 degrees


so we’re not wasting our air

conditioning’s energy cooling the house

too much

exactly we can also change our regular

light bulbs to led

that will save us another bunch of money

we’ll be saving four to six times the



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