Framing “WH” Words Questions & Answer for Practice



Framing Questions with ”Wh” words provided, suiting the given contents.

(a) Who /Whom/Whose/ Which/When/Why/Where/How/What.

1. Who
Content: I am a student.
No one knows it.
Ans. Who knows that I am a student?

2. Whom
Content: I saw a Bimal Roy. He saw walking in the field.
Ans. Whom did you see walking in the field?

3. Whose
Content: There is a house on the top of the hill
It is Mr. Chatterjee’s
Ans. Whose house is there on the top of the hill?

4. Which
Content: Mr. Chatteree – a shrewd man.
I mean Mr Chatterjee, the overseer.
Ans. Which Mr Chatterjee do you mean?

5. Which
Content : The whale.
It is the biggest animal in water.
Ans. Which is the biggest animal in water?

6. Who
Content: I want the exact address of Mr Ray.
His wife knows it.
Ans. Who knows the exact address of Mr Ray?

7. Who
Content: Arms and the Man (a drama). The author is Bernard Shaw.
Ans. Who is the author of Arms and Man (a drama)?

8. Who
Content: The tree is very tall.
He climbed it easily.
Ans. Who climbded the tall tree casily?

9. Whom
Content : This is a house.
It belongs to me.

Ans. Whom does this house belong to you?

10. Which
Content : There are three pents.
She likes the red one.
Ans. Which pen does she like?

11. Who
The Ring and The Book(A Book of Poems).

Robert Browning wrote it.

Ans: Who wrote the Ring and the Book (a book of poems)?

12. Which
Content :A heinous deed.
I’ve murdered an innocent man.

13. Whom
Content : Here are many cows.
Show me yours.
Ans. Which of these cows are yours?

14. Whose
Content: This is a diesel Ambassador car.
I want to know the name of its owner.
Ans. Whose diesel Ambassador car is this?

15. Who
Content : I do not know you
I want to know you identity.
Ans. Who are you?

16. Whose
Content: Shakespeare is world-great.
His fame will never fade.
Ans. Whose fame will never fade?

17. Who
Content : I look for Dr. Chatterjee.
I want to talk to him.
Ans. Who do you want to talk to?

18. Which
Content : He bought a pen.
I want to know which one it was.

Ans. Which pen did he buy?

19. Which

Content. I mean Mr. Sinha.

He is a community health officer here.

Ans. Which Mr. Sinha do you mean?

20. Whom

Content: I saw the wounded man.

He is lying on the bed.

Ans. Whom did you see lying on the road.





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