Framing “WH” Words Questions & Answer for Practice[Part 2]

Framing “WH” Words Questions & Answer for Practice[Part 2]

Framing “WH” Words Questions & Answer for Practice[Part 2]:

20. Whom
Content: I saw the wounded man.
He was lying on the road.
Ans. Whom did you see lying on the road?
21. Who
Content: Khudiram.
Everybody is familiar with his name.
Ans. Who is not familiar with Khudiram’s name?
22. Whom
Content: A traveller from antique land.
I met him.
Ans. Whom did you meet?
23. Where
Content : Extremely hot at noon
He did the work in the morning.
Ans. When did he do the work?
24. When.
Content : His Test Examination is over. The result will be out after
a fortnight.
Ans. When will the result of his Text Examination be out?
25. What ?
Content : Sanjay went to the stationery shop. He wanted to buy a
pen and some paper.
Ans.(i) What did Sanjay want to buy?
26. Wh-word : Why
Content : Rudra got the chance to study at Sorbonne So he went
to Pairs.
Ans. Why did Rudra go to Pairs?
27. Wh-word : Where
Content: I went to the beach for a walk. There I found this strange
28. wh-word : Why
Content: The boy saw a
to pick it up
new coin at his feet. he stooped
Ans. Where did you find this strange shell?

Content : I have no watch. I must know the time.
Ans. Why did they have to give up their paln for trekking?
29. wh-word : When
Content : The teacher was talking to us. The boy began to cough.
Ans. When did the boy begin to cough?
30. wh-word : What
Ans. What must you know?
31. wh-word : Why
Content: People lined the streets expectantly awaiting the arrival
of the last tram.
Ans. Where did people line?
32. wh-word : Why
Content: The judge was not satisfied with the report. He ordered
a second investigation.
Ans. Why did the judge order a second investigation?
33. wh-word : How
Content: he is innocent. He has several witnesses to prove this.
Ans. How does he prove his innocence?
34. wh-word : What
Content: She has engaged a new maid. The name of the maid is
Ans. What is the name of the new maid?
35. wh-word : When
Content: The date of my interview in Delhi is 16th Aplil 97. So
I have to leave Calcutta on the 13th April.
Ans. When do you have to leave Calcutta?
36. wh-word : Why
Content: We are social beings. We cannot live alone,
Ans. Why can’t we live alone?
37. wh-word : What
Content: The accused was not guilty. The defence counsel was
trying to prove it.
Ans. What was the decfence counsel trying to prove?
38. wh-word : How
Content: We should also live for otghers. Thus we can be truly happy
Ans. How can we be truly happy?
39. wh-word : Why
Content: There was a landslide due to heavy rain. So they had to
Give up their plan for trekking.


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