Framing “WH” Words Questions & Answer for Practice[Part 3]

40. wh-word : Why
: I have lost my old pen . I want to buy a new one,
Ans. Why do you want to buy a new pen?
41. wh-word : How
Content: Mr. Ganguli was once our neighbour. So I know him well,
Ans. How did you know Mr. Ganguli?
42. wh-word : Why
Content : His mother is in hospital
Content : He has no time to attend the meeting,
Ans. Why has no time to attend the meeting?
43. How : Mr. Ganguly was once our neighbour,
Content : So I knew him well.
Ans. How did you know Mr. Ganguly?
44. Who : He has three sons.
Content : The eldest of them is in the Navy.
Ans. Who of his three sons is in the Navy?
45. Why : The judge was not satisied with the report.
Content : He ordered a second investigation.
Ans. Why did the judge order a second investigation?
46. How : He is innocent
Content : He has several witness to prove this.
Ans. How can he prove his innocence
47. What : She has engaged a new maid.
Сог nt: The name of he maid is Sushila.
Ans. What is the name of her new maid?
48. When : The date of my interview in Delhi is 16th April, 2009
Content : So, I have to leave Calcutta on the 12th April
Ans. When should you leave Calcuttra for Delhi for your inter-
49. Why : The boy saw a shining new coin at his feet.
Content : He stopped to pick it up.
Ans. Why did the boy stoop?
50. When : The teacher was talking to us.
Content : The boy began to laugh.
Ans. When did the boy begin to laugh?
51. What : I have no watch.
Content : 1 must know the time.
Ans. What is the time by your watch?

Ans. Where did you see the Victoria Memorial.
52. Where : I went to the beach for a walk.
Content : Then I found this strange shel..
Ans. : Where did you find the strange shell?
53. Why : He did not know how to swim.
Content : So he did not bath in the pond.
Ans. Why did he not bath in the pond?
54. What : It was his birth day.
Content : I presented him a copy of Geetanjali.
Ans. What did you present him on his birth day?
55. How : Our ancestral house is in Burdwan.
Content : It is 80 years
Ans. How old is your ancestral house in Burdwan?
56. When : He wants to attend the function.
Content : He will come tomorrow morning for the purpose.
Ans. When will he come to attend the function?
57. What
Content : He is reading. It’s a novel.
Ans. What is he reading ?
58. Where
Content: I went to Kolkata. There I saw the Victoria Memorial.

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