How does the Internet work?

How does the Internet work?

How does the Internet work?

Hi friends, How is your Diwali day? I know you are here to clarify your doubt. But, I have a doubt now. What if you lose your Internet connection suddenly? I am sure you already know how it feels when that happens.

It’s difficult to imagine our lives without the internet nowadays. Have you ever wondered what the internet exactly is and how It works?

Let’s search the world Internet and learn, How does the Internet work? Well, when I was young I believed that the internet was some magic trick created by a secret group of magicians which makes it float through the clouds. ???? ????????.

But when I came across its actual definition I understood that it is a network that connects millions of computers worldwide, The important question remains the same how does this magic happen? Imagine you and your friend want to share a feature or some other essential document with each other.

To do so the first thing you both will need are computers that are connected to a network with the help of the Internet. Once you establish this connection. You visit the website using a browser, log in to your account, type your message or attach the file you wish to send, and finally when everything is done you press the send button, and Boom sounds easy, right?

What it’s not so easy at first glance has a complex system working behind it. The messages you send are enormous and it’s very hard for the internet to carry such a massive packet to its destination. So to make it easier this huge packet is broken down into smaller packages.

Then, they are moved further to the receiver with the help of an essential device called the Rooter. Now, what is a Rooter? Rooter is a networking device that helps in the transfer of data packets between computer networks in other words from a sender to the receiver.

But How? It does with the help of an Internet Protocol or an IP address. Now, what’s an IP address? Going deeper into technical terms? No, it’s so simple as it looks. but let me explain just like you have your home address every server has its unique address called the IP address.

The IP address allows a system to be recognized by other systems connected via Internet Protocol. When the packets are received by the Rooter reads the IP address information mentioned on the package then sends it to the correct path to reach its destination by following certain rules.

Just like we have traffic rules to protect us from any accidents, the Internet has some rules and regulations to protect our messages from hackers who make your info for money and enjoys it. It’s also called the TCP.

TCP is a set of protocols developed for the Internet to get data from one network device to another and by following these protocols the data gets delivered in the best possible way to its destination without any problems and issues

When these packets finally arrive at the receiver Schlueter they are put together according to the instructions and then your friend’s computer receives your message. I am not lying friends but, all this happens within just a fraction of seconds isn’t it magical?

Did you know? the first-ever email was sent in 1971 also it is estimated that 4 billion out of the 7 billion people on earth are already online and thanks to the Internet. So friends, Now you know How does the Internet work? Hope you have learned something new today.

If you have any doubts regarding anything feel free to ask down in the comments section.

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