How To START STUDYING after procrastinating the whole day

How To START STUDYING after procrastinating the whole day

How to START STUDYING after procrastinating the whole day


Don’t you have like work to do right now? what are you doing on YouTube it’s really hard to be motivated when you’re stuck between four walls your bed is right there. Netflix is right there and TikTok is right there but that is the first problem there are too many distractions step one everyone says eliminate distractions but 0they don’t actually explain why you have to do that?

Basically, we’re more likely to do things that are easiest for us at that time let’s just say you have your chemistry book and Tik Tok right in front of you you’re more likely to pick Tik Tok because that is more fun and easier for you to do at that moment in time. But usually, Tik-Tok is not the only distraction from our work.

We have Tik-Tok we have Instagram, Youtube, Netflix and so many other more applications that can distract you from your work that is why you spend hours going through every distraction. Until you run out of ideas or feel guilty enough and then you actually start your work. So, that is where app blockers or website blockers come in handy, and here are some of the most popular ones right now. So now you’ve eliminated all your distractions.

Step 1:- Don’t multi-task.

multi task

Multi-tasking does not only mean that you’re watching Netflix. while doing your notes multi-tasking can also come in the form of switching between each homework or each task too many times within a short span of time to simply explain how inefficient multi-tasking is. Let me just give you an example that I gave in my why you are always busy but unproductive.

Which you can check out there so you’ve just finished your lunch and now you have a lot of things to wash the logical thing to do is to wash the mall at once you’re not gonna wash a plate, cut the grass, wash a cup reply to some emails then, wash the utensils that simply does not make any sense. So, why are we doing that when it comes to our work?

When it’s time to actually be productive, Why do we study for 30 minutes stop scrolling on Instagram then work on a project instead you want to try a time management method called batching. Batching is where you group all your tasks into small batches and then you take a break in between completing each small batch.

This type of time management will help you stay focused decrease distractions and minimize procrastination. Because you’re forced to complete a small group of tasks before taking a break.


Step 2: Practice Batching.

practice batching

There are two ways you can practice batching. First, you start by listing everything you need to accomplish, and then you group similar tasks. For example, tasks that require creativity, research, exercise, homework notes, and so on, this means that instead of spending 30 minutes doing notes, In the morning, then two hours in the afternoon, and one hour at night.

You’re gonna do it all in one. go in the morning, the second way you can practice batching is that you break down an intimidating project or idea like writing an essay into very simple steps every single time you finish one step or one batch of tasks then you take a break and reward yourself now. You may be thinking like okay how is this different from the Pomodoro method.

Because in the Pomodoro method, you work for 25 minutes and then you take a break in between I’ve always found batching to be better than the Pomodoro method for two reasons. The first reason is some tasks take 10 minutes to complete while other tasks take 3 hours to complete. So limiting yourself to 25 minutes is quite inefficient for me.

For example, I want to sketch out my new painting, I would want to search up inspiration and draw out the sketch in one sitting taking breaks would ruin my train of thought, therefore, batching things that you want to do together and then only resting after you’ve completed them makes much more sense. At least, to me, I actually learned a lot of my time management methods and productivity tips from skillshare.

overcome lazyness

Skillshare is an online learning community that offers literally thousands of classes on everything from entrepreneurship to time management and my personal favorites are art and productivity one class that you guys should watch is managing attention in the digital age by Kevin sis kare. Especially in lesson 3.

Where Kevin explains, how we usually get distracted by uncompleted tasks and he goes into more detail on how to improve your attention span and overcome distractions you can actually watch this class for free with no advertisements. There are also other familiar faces on skillshare who I’ve learned a lot from and I can confidently say that skillshare has helped me boost my creativity and productivity.

So you’ve already removed all your distractions and you’ve broken down your to-do list what’s the next step three here are some simple yet productive ways you can make studying a little bit more fun and less difficult when you’re just not in the mood to study for subjects with a lot of essays like economics or Bahasa Melayu.

What you can do is print out a lot of sample essays then you can summarize those essays in point form or using mind maps you’re not only practicing how you should structure your essays in the future and what points you should include but also this is much easier than actually writing the entire essay by yourself.


When you’re not in the mood for subjects like biology, with a lot of terms and definitions that you have to remember flashcards are fun simple, and effective if you need to revise an entire chapter, what you can do is get a few blank pieces of paper and put that besides your notes or your textbook. While you’re reading your notes write down points you can’t remember or you think are important that you want to recap later on.

If you compile those papers that can be your revision booklet to read right before your exam, I know I always say don’t make your notes pretty or whatever because it’s a waste of time but honestly, in this cases crew, it let’s just draw bunnies and rainbows. If we want because we’re not trying to be a-star students where we’re just trying to get our motivation back.

Step 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Modify your To-Do List


According to your mood, an advertisement might play in the next few seconds. so, let’s just say you have a really important biology assignment that’s due in a few days. On the other hand, you have an economics exam. you have to study for that is due in three weeks in a perfect world you will want to complete the biology assignment before studying for economics.

But if you’re just not in the mood to do biology right now and you want to study economics, then go ahead and study economics find that studying easier thing actually gets me into the mood of really studying and then better prepares me for tackling scary stuff like chemistry. Study something that you like right now then remind yourself to have a productive day tomorrow blazing through something difficult like biology.

Rather than struggling tonight and tomorrow forcing yourself to do things that you don’t like is just gonna ruin your motivation and cause you to burn out which is not what we want. But then again have self-discipline take more breaks but fully focus when you’re actually studying write down every single thing. You need to accomplish before taking a break and do not rest until those things are completed.


To Do list


If you keep taking breaks before your to-do list is completed. Things are going to pile up and that when you feel overwhelmed and then you feel like breaking down. I’ve been there bestie, okay I don’t want you to go through that as well but you’re probably going through that right now. It is so important to not wait until you feel like studying to start studying.

Because in life you’re gonna do a lot of things that you don’t like. So, you need to start building up self-discipline right now. I’ve said this before but to all my new visitors’s the only person stopping you is yourself. If all those things are not working…

Step 4: pressure yourself

pressure yourself

You can study with a group of friends or join a study discord. You can also write out your goals and stick them where you can see them every single day. If you don’t have something to remind, you of why you’re working so hard in the first place they are likely going to forget that reason and then not work hard at all. Or you can just open your room door or study where your family can see you.

I don’t know about you but, I hate it when people see me study because then I actually have to study but that’s like the whole point right now is to pressure yourself. So you start doing work.

step 5: Prioritizing your Mental Health

mental health

And probably the most important point is that Prioritizing your Mental Health is as important as prioritizing your academics is important to understand that taking a few days off to do absolutely nothing is not wasting time. If it means that you’ll prevent yourself from burning out. I missed one chemistry assignment because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I was already like on the verge of a breakdown I was suffering from a lack of sleep and I just didn’t want to. I didn’t have the energy to pull one more all-nighter to finish that assignment. So, I didn’t decide to skip the assignment completely and focus on future assignments do I recommend doing this all the time? Obviously not, focus on your mental health not focus on dropping out but there is a difference between taking a break and being lazy so are you taking a break right now, or are you being lazy?


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