Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

The Bloodsucking biting itching tiny creatures are the most dangerous predator on the planet who is responsible for the death of billions it’s none other than the mighty mosquito. Hi Friends, Let us know the Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes. so let me tell you more about these pesky little creatures. I hope all your doubts about mosquitoes are cleared up by this article.

Mosquitoes are part of a large group of insects called flies and are found everywhere in the world including in your houses there are nearly 3 500 species of mosquitoes but they all serve just one purpose they bite and suck blood so how do they do it let’s find the answer to this itchy question after finding its prime target the mosquito will spread some saliva on its spray skin that acts as an antiseptic.

In order to numb the spot so that you don’t notice its evil intention then it buries a part of its mouth deep into your skin this part is known as the Proboscis that kind of looks like a straw with its proboscis underneath your skin the mosquito hunts for a blood vessel when it finds one it again releases saliva into the wound which contains a substance called an anticoagulant that keeps your blood flowing and if it succeeds one mosquito can drink blood up to three times of its body weight.

And can transmit potentially deadly diseases like Malaria Dengue Zika etc and if not that it inevitably leaves an itchy red bump on your skin. So what can you do to treat the mosquito bite? and make the itch go away first of all, don’t scratch it as tempting as it might be avoid scratching mosquito bites scratching can further hurt the skin instead, wash the area with mild soapy water this process will often help decrease the itchy sensation.

Do you know? Only female mosquitoes bite.

To reduce the chances of getting bitten and contracting a mosquito-borne disease start using a mosquito repellent

The mosquito is responsible for various diseases like Zika, Dengue, Yellow fever but one disease that has been infecting humans for ages is malaria but What causes malaria? and how does it spread in our body? let us explore it. So, what causes malaria in individuals with malaria?

Typically acquire the infection following a mosquito bite but before we jump to a conclusion and blame the mosquitoes we need to look deeper through a microscope to see one of the worst enemies of the human race a deadly microorganism called plasmodium a single-celled parasite carried by a female mosquito called anopheles.

When the mosquito bites someone the parasite plasmodium sporozoite present in its a library glands enters the body of the targeted person and immediately rushes towards the liver where they quietly enter the big cells and hide from the immune system and once they are in they colonize the place for about a month consuming the life cells and evolve themselves into a smaller form called Merozoites.

In this form, they multiply their population thousands of times and finally burst out of the cell and after coming out they carefully wrapped themselves inside the membranes of the cells they have killed to remain hidden and head forward to execute their next plan of taking over the red blood cells.

Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes
Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

Where they again multiply inside them until the cells burst and rush to find more blood cells and the cycle continues now these dead blood cells spread lots of toxic waste material inside the body triggering a strong immune response causing flu-like symptoms like chills fever sweating headache nausea aches and pains all over the body not only that if malaria affects the brain it might cause seizures or loss of consciousness and in some cases even death.

And once someone does not serve the parasite’s evil plan anymore they decide to leave the victim’s body and when another mosquito bites the infected person the parasite enters the mosquito and the cycle continues and this is how deadly malaria spreads amongst humans.

Did you know? an infected person may start feeling symptoms anywhere from a week to a month after they are bitten with some rarer forms of malaria the parasite remains dormant and an infected person will not become ill for up to four years.

Also, unfortunately, Africa is home to 92 percent of malaria cases and 93 of malaria-related deaths, and here is a quick question for you, What species of mosquito carries malaria? do write your answer in the comment section below.

Zika virus is a worrying thing I’m here to tell you all about it so that you stay safe and healthy. The zika virus disease was first identified in 1947 in rhesus monkeys in Uganda and then it was subsequently identified in humans as well and now it has spread all over Africa America Asia and the pacific the virus is transmitted to people through the bite of an infected mosquito this could be the same mosquito that transmits Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow fever.

The early symptom of this disease are fever skin rashes conjunctivitis muscle pain joint pain and headache which are usually mild and last for two to seven days well now comes the serious part do you know that the zika virus also causes the much-dreaded disease called microcephaly never heard of that before right don’t you worry I’ll tell you.

Microcephaly is a condition where the baby’s head is much smaller than expected which can later lead to complications such as dwarfism seizures delayed speech and movements if a mother is infected with the zika virus during a pregnancy her baby is likely to be born with microcephaly and that could be quite dangerous but hey don’t you worry because all you need to do is keep your surroundings free of mosquitoes wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants to stay away from mosquito bites.

As we all know that prevention is better than cure ime zika is mainly carried by a specific type of mosquito called Aedes Egypt there is no vaccine against the zika virus yet but don’t worry scientists are trying their best to find one Now, let us explore the possibility of a world without mosquitoes and answer a crucial question what if all mosquitoes disappeared?

Mosquitoes are a part of a large group of insects called flies and are found everywhere in the world including in your houses you won’t believe it but they are the most dangerous predator on the planet responsible for the death of millions every year as they spread diseases such as Malaria, Yellow fever, Dengue, Zika, etc.

Through their itchy bites and because of their blood-sucking biting itching qualities mosquitoes are often considered nightly bedside terror and most people wish that the world is better without them and they should be eradicated once for all so let us see what would happen if one day all the mosquitoes?

Decide to quit the earth and disappear out of existence first we need to understand not all mosquitoes fight yes out of the 3500 species of mosquitoes only 100 go after humans while the rest stay away from us happily feeding on plant and fruit nectar so it means if we get rid of all mosquitoes it’s eventually going to harm our planet’s ecological balance.

Yes as many mosquitoes play a crucial role in the pollination process. Their absence will adversely affect these plants and flowers leading to a decrease in their growth in the long run next as many species like Lizards, Frogs and Fish depend on Mosquitoes.

For their daily diet, there is a possibility of them going extinct without the presence of mosquitoes still many scientists believe their absence would not be missed as other species would take the place of mosquitoes and the predators could naturally switch to other insects that are easily available although this argument is debatable.

But what everyone is sure about is that in certain water bodies the removal of mosquitoes could pose a problem yes when an insect grounds in the water midges chew up its carcasses while the mosquito larvae step in to feed on the waste products this process produces nutrients that are important for the plants.

So if mosquitoes disappear it will negatively impact marine life so in conclusion instead of focusing on eradicating the entire mosquito species we should put our energy into modifying the genetic codes of those specific breeds responsible for all the diseases and deaths and fortunately the efforts are already being made.

Yes, a team of scientists in California inserted modified genes in the Anopheles mosquitoes a species responsible for spreading malaria these older genes cause the mosquito to kill the malaria-causing parasite living inside their body before transmitting them to humans.

Did you know? the average mosquito lifespan is less than two months and you won’t believe it but female mosquitoes lay up to 300 eggs at a time.

So my dear friends, Hope you learned something new today. If you think this article is helpful, share this with your friends, and family. And if you have any doubt regarding anything, feel free to ask down in the comments below.

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