[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 6 English Answer Part 4

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[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 6 English Answer Part 4

[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 6 English(Group A) Solution

[New] 2021 Model Activity Task Class 6 English Answer Part 4


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 

He caught hold of a little net and dipped it into the water. He brought the little doll out. But she slipped out and fell on to the table banging her head. She began to cry. Up came a policeman doll and said fiercely, “What are you doing, catching the doll and making her bump her head like that?” “I was saving her from drowning!” said Tuffy.


Fill in the chart with information from the given passage:


Cause Effect
(i) Tuffy wanted to save the little doll from drowning. Tuffy dipped the net into the water.
(ii) The little doll fell on to the table. She began to cry
(iii)Tuffy caught hold of the little doll and made her head bump The policeman doll talked fiercely.



 Classify the underlined words of the given sentences in the correct columns. One is done for you: 

(i) Sugar is sweet.

(ii) This is my book.

(iii) You should carry an umbrella while going out.

(iv) My mother has long hair.

(v) Give me a glass of water.


Countable noun Uncountable noun
i) Book a) Sugar
ii) Umbrella b) Hair
iii) Glass c) Water



Make sentences with the following words:

(i) Despair:__________________

Ans: The man is suffering from depression after losing money.

(ii) Sturdy: __________________

Ans: The pole was broken because it was not sturdy.


Ans: I was mystified by her decision.

(iv) Rescue: _______________

Ans: The brave man rescued the boy from the tiger.

(v) Exciting: ________________

Ans: It was an really exciting match.

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