How To Apply for Online Captcha Entry Jobs

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We often see the captcha on the various websites on google. Every website contains a captcha to save their data. It is such an important part of securing the system. By entering the captcha the organization/website comes to know about the difference between the real human being and the hacker. Entering captcha, again and again, is an annoying task but it also provides security. Some also love to enter the captcha. If you also love to enter the captcha then this article will be good for you. Under this article, you will come to know about that how you can earn money by entering the captcha only. To get the full details about this, read out the below article carefully.

What is Captcha?

Captcha is a tool that is used to check out whether the computer system is operated by the human being or not. Under the captcha, the tasks like identifying the objects or similar images related to the task are identified not any kind of addition, multiplication, subtraction, or division. In other words, we can say that, By the captcha tool, one can come to know about that the computer system activities whether it is operated by the Human beings or not.

Purpose of the Captcha

The main function the entering the captcha is to protect the data from misleading activities. The captcha provides the security of the data from the wrong activities. By the captcha, one can come to know about the difference between Humans beings and robots. Captcha plays the role of the barrier between the speed. As we know the human beings’ typing speed is low as compared to the systems. So by the help of the captcha, the organizations can identify the speed of the hacker by comparing the speed and hence save out the data/system.

What is Online Captcha Entry Jobs?

There are so many frauds taking place in the organization every day. The number of hackers is increasing rapidly. These hackers mainly try to hack all the data of the organization for some wrong activities. To protect their data, the organization uses the captcha values. The organization mainly sets high numbers to protect their data. To maintain all this activity every organization needs some person who can maintain this. That’s why the demand for Online Captcha entry jobs is increasing. To perform this work, one should have the ability to solve the captcha within a given period. This work demands accuracy and a time limit from you. So to perform this work you have the skills of speed and accuracy.

Expected Salary from the Online Captcha Entry jobs

Well, the salaries are different for every organization. Every organization will pay as per their goodwill and the most important, work. More the work, more the salary. The earning of the employees are dependent upon the captcha entries. For solving 1000 entries of the captcha you can earn $0.2 to $2.

Where to apply for Online Captcha Entry Jobs

  • Kolotibablo: It is one of the best website to apply for the Online Captcha Entry jobs. This website pays $200 to $300 on the monthly basis. This website only demands accuracy from you.
  • Captcha Typers: There is a straightforward login process under this website. If you are interested to work with this website then you can directly send them a mail on their email id which is [email protected]
  • 2 Captcha: It is one of the top website to find out online captcha entry jobs. This website mainly provides an interface program to their employees to perform the work.
  • Megatypers:  This website provides a good salary to perform the Online captcha entry jobs. By working with the Megatypers you can earn $150 to $200 monthly. They also provide the salary on the basis of the image. For one image they provide $0.45. One can easily receive the payment from valet, credit card, debit card, and so forth.
  • Captcha Club: One can also apply on the Captcha Club for the Online Captcha Entry jobs. On this website, you have to register yourself and then the website asks you about the different membership forms. Among those options, you can select one as per your interest.
  • Fast Typers: You can also apply for the Online Captcha Entry jobs on the FastTypers. From this website, you can earn $1-$5 for solving the 1000 captcha.
  • Captcha2Cash: This website contains a very simple process of application and by working on this website you can earn $1 by solving out the 1000 captcha values.
  • Lion Bridge: By working on this website, you can earn a good amount. They also offer flexible hours for the work.
  • Upwork: It is one of the top websites to provide jobs to freelancers. This website provides jobs in various fields. To apply to these websites you only have to create your profile on it with all the right details and skills too.
  • Fiverr: This website mainly provides the works to freelancers in every field like branding, typing, captcha, translation, etc.
  • ySense: ySense provides the job into the various fields. One can apply here for any job. It also provides rewards and cash backs to its employees.

Steps to apply online for Captcha Entry Jobs

To apply for the Online Captcha Entry jobs you have to follow some steps. The steps are given as under:

  • At first, select out the best platform and go to their website.
  • Readout all the instructions and guidelines on there very carefully.
  • Then complete all the formalities of the registration process and move forward.
  • Write all the details related to the name, phone number, email id, address, and more very carefully while the registration process.
  • Then attach all the certificates with it very carefully.
  • Write all the details attractively and then submit it.
  • Then have some patience and wait for approval of your profile.
  • work for the job which one is suitable to you.
  • Complete the work into the given period and earn well.

NOTE – Go through the above details very carefully before applying for the work. Visit our website continuously for some more articles related to the job.

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