Online Data Entry Jobs That Require Zero Investment

Are you looking for an online data entry job without making any investment? Do you want to make money without paying any registration fee? If yes, then the best option is to apply for an online data entry job from home.

You can easily apply for these jobs without paying any security or registration fee and you can start earning on daily basis. Due to the internet, numerous online jobs have come up in India. The best part is that companies give you an option to earn on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

09 Best Online Data Entry Jobs from Home without Investment

This job comprises of converting the data into words by using a keyboard and data is taken from audio, video, image, etc. And as per the requirements of the customers or clients, The data is converted in digital form in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc.

The traditional way to get this work was through a mechanical typewriter, but in the current era, keyboards are used to perform this job. It’s very easy to earn money while sitting at home and without investing money.

Usually, payment is done on the basis of the number of pages in the project but it may vary from client to client. This job is best for the individuals who don’t wish to go out of their homes and have fewer qualifications such as housewives, students, females with small kids, retired people, etc.

What are the job requirements?

The job requirements to perform online data entry jobs from home are very few. These are:

  1. You must be having a desktop or laptop
  2. internet speed should be good
  3. An account on Gmail
  4. Account in Indian bank
  5. Software for typing such as MS Word or MS Excel
  6. Good typing skills
  7. Available to work for 2 or 3 hours daily

How much can you earn from online data entry jobs?

Well, Earning depends on an individual’s typing speed. As such, there is no limitation on earning. The more you work, the more you earn. It totally depends on the projects you choose as verbal typing projects are highly paid.

The income details are as follow:

Typing WorkAverage PaymentDaily workEarnings daily
Form Filling$5- $91-5Hours$5 -$30
Data Formatting$10-$12 per hour4-5 hours$40- $50
Simple Text Typing$1- $3 hourly4-5 hours$5 – $15
Data Entry Clerks$4- $8 hourly4-5 Hours$15 – $30
Image To Text$3 to $4 hourly4-5 hours$10 – $20
Audio To Text$3 to $5 hourly4-5Hours$10 – $22
Copy-Paste$2- $4 one Page10 Pages$15 – $40
Captcha Entry$4- $7 hourly2-3 Hours$6 – $22

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs from home

Online data entry job is best for those individuals who want to work from home and have fewer qualifications. Without making any investment, they can start working. All they need to have is good typing speed with good command of the English language to perform this job. There is various type of online data entry job. These are:

Data Entry Keyers

The main job of data entry keyers is to extract accurate information from documents and put the data into databases like company templates, CRM, or an excel spreadsheet. After this, data is sent to the customers. These jobs are performed online.

They play important role in the quality control department as their job is to check the error in the data and to rectify them. A good typing speed is required ie 50 words per minute, with minimum errors. They can easily earn $10 to $15, and the earnings increases with experience.

Data Entry Clerks

The role of data entry clerks is similar to data entry keyers but the only difference is that they have to keep standing more hours because of the nature of the job.

To understand the job of data entry clerks, let’s take an example of a hospital where staff on reception, have to keep the patient record, accidental reports, list of visitors, etc They have to maintain the record in MS excel or software used by the company.

You will find data entry clerks in government jobs as well like in municipal offices, data entry clerks have to keep records of town like birth in the town, death certificates, etc.

Converting Image to Text

In this job, an image is given which consists of paragraphs and you have to read the paragraph and re-write them in the word document. The paragraph consists of 100-150 words and Remember paragraph includes medical terminologies so it’s not easy to understand it.

In this Job, 99.9% accuracy is required. There is no space for errors or mistakes. For each conversion, you can earn $3 to $4. Hence, it’s easy to earn more by converting more images

Converting audio to text

In this job, you would be given audio and you have to convert that audio into text format. To perform this job, excellent listening skills are required because sometimes, voice is not clear in audio or might be, technical jargon is used. so excellent listening skills are required to convert the data accurately.

This job is suitable for experienced people because you have to match with the speed of audio and good command over English is required so that you can understand and write the word accurately. Good typing speed and good English and listening skills are a must to achieve 99.9% accuracy in this job. In this job, you can easily earn $5 for one audio.

Medical Transcriptionist

In this job, you have to listen to the pre-recorded audio, and then you have to convert that audio into text format. The audios can be conference calls, medical files, voice mail messages, etc.

Medical transcriptionists are highly demanded in the USA; Companies of both the private and public sector search for a medical transcriptionist with good experience. You must have good listening skills because sometimes the voice is not audible or clear, and then you have to try to understand the thick accent of the doctor in the audio.

Hence, along with excellent listening skills, medical jargon knowledge is required. You need to go through proper training to become a medical transcriptionist. In this job, you can earn good money ie $20 to $25 for one hour.

Medical Coding

The job of medical coding is one of the highly paid jobs. The job of medical coders is to understand the health report and medical history of patients, and then record the information based on the report.

Medical coders translate codes in shorthand written form so that doctors can understand patients’ medical history. To perform this job, you must have a degree or certification in medical coding. Proper training is given before allowing any certificate.

Captcha Entry jobs

Let’s understand, what captchas are? Captcha is an image that includes text, numbers, and alphanumeric characters which are used to fill in a specific field to prevent scams.

Your job is to fill the texts, numbers, alphanumerics shown in a captcha into a spreadsheet or document was given to you

This job is very interesting not boring. you have to solve thousands of captcha in a day to earn a good amount of money.


This job is advanced as compared to the captcha-solving job. In this job role, you have to create headings for the images and this job role is very famous in the media industry especially news channels. To perform this job, you need to be creative. It’s like creating memes on social media.

Earlier it was very hard to find a captioning job but with the immense use of Facebook and Instagram, these jobs are easily available.

And the drawback of this job is that you will not be paid well to perform this job.

Copy & Paste Job

As the name suggests, you have to copy-paste the data from one file to another file. Or you may be asked to convert pdf into a word document, excel into a word document, or vice versa.

You will be given data like names, numbers, email addresses, city, etc and you have to copy-paste it into another file. From each file, you have to copy-paste 10,000 words.

Sometimes, companies ask you to sort the data first and then copy-paste it. You can earn good money from this job from home without any investment.

Data Formatting Jobs

In this job, you have to type less and you have to format the content in a word document like arranging texts in paragraph forms, adding bullets, changing the font, indentation, etc.

An example of data formatting is You are given a table with different rows with headlines like name, number, address, email, etc. All you have to do is to remove the gaps and align them properly. This job pays you $10-$12 per hour for formatting.

Online form filling

These jobs require 100% accuracy in work, no errors. These jobs focus on quality work rather than quantity of work. You will be paid more to perform this job as compared to other typing jobs.

This job is a little challenging as you would be given data and you have put the data into each field database in the form. The data can be related to name, phone number, address, email address, etc.

You have to be very careful while filling in the information. No errors will be accepted. This job pays you around $50 to $70 a day.

04 Best Websites to Look For Data Entry Jobs

Here are some genuine websites.


One of the best websites for online data entry jobs is REV, where you will find a lot of transcription and captioning jobs. To be qualified for this job, you have to transcribe various audios, and you will be paid for every minute.

For every minute, you will be paid $0.35-$0.70. As soon as you will finish the transcription of 1 hour, You will be promoted to the next level. You can work at your convenience and you will be paid through PayPal.


If you are searching for transcription jobs, You can search on this website.No previous data entry experience is required. They only ask for two things: 1) the chrome browser 2) a Paypal account. You have to go through the transcription test before the company selects you.


You will feel happy to know that this website pays good money to its members, and international members can also apply on this website. They pay good money to freelancer typists who wish to work from home. Their files are usually for less than six minutes, and they distribute work on a first-come basis.

To become their member, you have to give a transcription test, and once you clear the test and you become their member then they will pay you $2 to $25 for an hour for every audio.


This website was launched by NASA to hire workers to participate in their scientific work. But now they hire employees to do small works for them. The work can be related to online surveys, doing web research, proofreading, etc.

They quickly hire those employees Who are open to performing different tasks. This website will provide you with plenty of job opportunities. All you need to do is to create an account on their website and give their small test.

The type and quality of the work which you will get totally depends on your score on the test. They pay you weekly as per your task.


It is recommended that while applying for online jobs, choose website, company, and projects wisely so that you can earn more and can perform tasks with interest. If you wish to pursue a career in this field you can do that as well. All you need to do is to put effort and invest your time.

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