Online Typing Jobs With No Investment

As the name suggests it involves encoding the volume of data such as numbers, text, and other important information into word processing documents, slides and spreadsheets, and any other docs files as per the company. The candidate can easily perform these tasks from home as well.

Presently we should know the different sorts of composing and online information section occupations. There are limitless kinds of composing openings accessible on the outsourcing destinations in India. The internet-based positions without speculation can come in any structure contingent upon the task necessities. Information passages are the most favored position by numerous specialists because of their simple accessibility in India. Yet, the progression of work depends on the current market needs.

Different Typing Jobs That You Can Opt Online

Here’s the list of different typing jobs available.

Content Writing

This work requires inventiveness. On the off chance that you are knowledgeable in English and can type substance, this job role is for you. In this work, the packages are very appealing. You can get anyplace between $10 to $15 for every 100 words you type.

Data Entry Operator

Data Entry Operator is one of the best online data entry jobs from home without making any investment. They need to read the data from the database and they have to update the data into software either online or offline. The work is different in different companies. sometimes you may have to fill the different fields of the table like name, address, mobile number, etc. Their work speaks for themselves and their credibility is what it makes them.

General scale on the data, entry freelancers is getting paid on a per-hourly basis ranging from $7.25 to $ 40.50, with an average pay of $19.


  • Candidates having basic high school credentials or someone having a Degree can apply for the job, however, the preference is given to the people clearing the Keystrokes per hour test.
  • To pass the screening test the candidates should be having 10000 keystrokes per hour.
  • A mock-up Test will be given to the candidate to understand their skills and evaluate words per minute (WPM).
  • Freelancers and candidates who want to apply for a full-time job should be attaching the resume while applying.

Proofreading and Editing

In this job role, You don’t have to write an article. All you need to do is proofread the written content and you have to find the errors and correct them like grammatical errors or wring sentence formation. To find errors, you must have a good command of the English language. you will be paid less than the content writer but also, efforts are less in this.

Word Processor

This job is slightly technical as you would be responsible for creating mailing labels, letters, reports, etc Hence, you must have knowledge of how to make tables, pie charts, and bar graphs to perform this job efficiently.

You must have a good command of English and good vocabulary and grammar because you will have to draft emails and letters to clients. Companies provide proper training before hiring employees and you can earn good money from home.

Online Surveys

This is one of the best online data entry jobs where you have to answer some questions and fill up the survey forms. It’s not like that you have to put any random answer in the questionnaire but you have to use your brain to answer the questions.

To fill one survey form, you need a minimum of 10-15 minutes but it also depends on the length of the survey. sometimes questions are lengthy which consumes more time. Each survey consists of 10-50 questions that you have to answer.

Various companies get the questionnaire filled to know their customer’s feedback on their product or service. Some people perform this job full-time because they earn $50,000 every year from this job.

Creating Customized Reports

In this job, You have to create the report for the clients on the basis of the instructions given by them. You must have knowledge of how to create pie charts, graphs, tables, etc. Clients will give you instructions on how to create a good report for them as per their requirements. You will be paid $15 for an hour.

Email Processing

This is one of the highest-paid jobs. In this, you have to process hundreds of emails daily and you have to make a list in an excel sheet after finding the content of the emails and then you have to categorize them This job consumes little time but not challenging.

Also, in email processing, you will receive website links in your email, you have to open these links, and stay on them for 30 to 40 seconds, and you will be paid for this.

Re-formatting and Correction

In this job role, typing is less, along with this you must have proper knowledge of each n every rule of formatting.

In the formatting job, You are given a document or a file and you have t format it like changing the font, adding bullets, etc in this job role, you have to format a lengthy document with different fields like name, address, email, contact no. etc.

Digital Book Typing

In this, you will be given a printout of a book. Also, your responsibility is to type it to make it an advanced virtual book. This work has three stages. In the first stage, you will do crude composing of the information. the second stage will be the report arranging. Furthermore, in the last third stage, you will edit and do rectification the entire eBook. In basic words, you really want to do each stage in this work.

Average Salary Structure

You can earn a huge amount of money just by gaining experience and hard work.

Typing WorkAverage PaymentDaily workEarnings daily
Content Writing$5- $91-5Hours$5 -$30
Data Entry Operator$10-$12 per hour4-5 hours$40- $50
Proof Reading$3- $8 hourly4-5 hours$10 – $35
Word Processing$4- $8 hourly4-5 Hours$15 – $30
Online Surveys$3 to $4 hourly4-5 hours$10 – $20
Customized Report$3 to $5 hourly4-5Hours$10 – $22
Email Processing$10- $15 hourly2-5 hours$15 – $60
Re-formatting $4- $7 hourly2-3 Hours$6 – $22
Salary Structure (may vary according to sites)

Websites To Look For Online Typing Jobs

You must look up these sites before applying for any online job.


The best part about this website is that here you will get active opportunities from the job section of the employers. To get a good job, Create an excellent profile so that employers can easily contact you and after looking at your profile they are ready to provide top quality work with a good pay scale.

Also, you can reach out to your prospect directly to get work from them. Here, you will find millions of employers who are ready to give you work. You can easily earn good money as this is a reliable website.


You can easily get a good job by advertising your skills on this website. This website will provide you with good job opportunities related to writing, translating, data entry, transcribing, etc. Numerous people are earning a decent amount of money with the help of this website. You can create your profile on Fiverr and list as many skills as you want.

You will be paid $5 for each task that is assigned to you. If you want to earn good money, Fiverr is the best website.


This is a trusted and reliable website that will provide you with an opportunity to turn your online data entry job into a career. This website is like a community of freelancers, who wishes to work for willing employers. Employers hire freelancers, Who are ready to work on an hourly basis or on different projects.

The employers are satisfied with their services as they just have to update about the type of work and skills required to perform them, and then to inform all freelancers to apply for the work.


This company deals with community management and more than 100000 cloud employees are working for them on daily basis. The smart crowd is a trustworthy website and is very user-friendly.

You don’t have to pay anything to create an account with them but They will conduct a test before accepting your profile. You will have to answer a few questions like your educational background, languages are known, experience., and on that basis, you will get a test. If you pass the test, you will get numerous opportunities to apply for online data entry jobs.

It’s very important to score more on tests because the amount of work will depend on your score.

Instructions To Start/Find Online Typing Jobs

These days, there are colossal openings accessible for these internet-based positions (with no enrollment charge). Get these locally established composing occupations from the Internet before they disappear. Beginning an everyday installment online occupation is damn simple in the event that you follow my bit-by-bit method (given underneath). When you got some experience, then, at that point, accomplishing this work is pretty much as basic as counting numbers.

Follow this 3-venture interaction to bring in cash online by composing occupations.

  • Search and enlist (2-3) Top Typing Job opportunities
  • Apply and work for them
  • Begin writing and make money upon Work Completion

Presently we should comprehend these means in more subtleties:


The initial step is to find and distinguish the best composing work openings. There is such an uproar on the Internet about these positions. Anybody can get befuddled without any problem. You want to track down a perfect time for yourself.

After enrollment, you can sort and channel the positions as you wish. At first, pick 2-3 work openings with exceptionally appraised managers. Continuously pick the work which you believe you can do with 100% certainty.

Above all, the authenticity of the work stage ought to be your number-1 one need. Thusly here I am referencing very much trusted and totally veritable cash acquiring destinations in India for you.

STEP-2: Enroll on Different Platforms

To begin landing composing position contracts first you want to get enrolled with at least one stage. There are no enrollment expenses or any kind of speculation required. So no compelling reason to pay any sum or security store to anybody. Underneath you can find a connection that will take you to begin your enlistment cycle.

STEP-3: Start Making Money

Just enlisting there won’t make composing job comes to you naturally. You really want to substantiate that you are proficient. You really want to make and foster a solid profile to feature your aptitude.

Do you know there are some certifiable and genuine internet-based stages that proposals to begin this work with practically no speculation? In the event that not, try to keep your hat on. You can join the best internet composing telecommute. Additionally, all the composing occupations referenced here require no venture or enlistment charges. So on the off chance that you have some fundamental thought of composing word reports, you can without much of a stretch bring in cash by composing pages and records.


Presently you ought to be very much informed with regards to the web-based composing occupations without interest in India. There is even no enrollment charge at all.  Make some sort of work to begin your profit. Climate you are an understudy, housewife, or expert, these web-based work-from-home positions with everyday installments are hanging tight for you.

Get more tips on the best way to get additional composing projects on this site. So bookmark this site and continue to visit for all the more such aides.

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