Paragraph Writing: Discipline


Discipline means obedience to established rules of conduct. Everysociety has certain rules to control the activities of its members. Anybreach of these rules will land the society in trouble. Hence disciplineIS of great importance in human life.
The importance of discipline in family life acannot be overesti-
mated. The peace of a family depends on the disciplined conduct of
its mernber s When its members behave in their own way givng a figfor its rules of conduct, the family will be plunged into a bog of
trouble. An army cannot do without discipline. A soldier must carryout the order of his commander; otherwise it will not Win a battle.Discipline is a must in national life. There will be no order in acountry if the citizens do not abide by its laws. An office will be a noman’s land when its employees go each his own way.Discipline is indispensable in academic life. Students must obeytheir teachers, foliow the rules of their institutions and sit for theexaminations in complance with rulses. If they do not care for theadvice of their teachers, shout in classes and corridors nd copy frombooks in examinations, the temple of learning Will be turned into aden of chaos. Students are the future Ciizens of a county. If theybecome indisciplined, the country will come to be peopled withhooligans in future (235 words)

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