Preservation of Forests Paragraph Writing For Class 12th

Preservation of Forests Paragraph Writing For Class 12th:

Preservation of Forests

Preservation of Forests:

Forests are the best friends of man. Indeed, there is a vital link between the world of forests and that of man. They keep ecological balance. They provide us with pure oxygen and absorb harmful gases. They supply our food, furniture and fuel. They bring rain and thereby cool the climate. In forests seeks shelter many an animal. There they survive and keep the ecosystems intact. But it is a pity that man plays a suicidal game by destroying forests. People fell trees at random. Modern civilization can’s but claim it. Big industries are being established housing complexes grow in numbers. Forest lands turn into agricultural fields. All this affects the environment. As a result, rainfall becomes more and more scarce. Flood and drought occur occasionally. Many wild animals meet extinction. Global warming is being increasingly felt. Some measures must be taken to check the problem. Illegal deforestation is to be stopped. The Government and people at large should work unitedly in this regard.

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