Speaking Phrases

Speaking Phrases

Speaking Phrases


Saying I Think


If you ask me…

It’s my belief that…

I honestly believe that…

To my way of thinking…

In my point of view…



The way I see things is that…


Saying You are Welcome


Speaking Phrases





It’s all gravy.

My pleasure.

 Not at all

Glad to be of any assistance.

Don’tmention it.

You got it.



Saying Well Done


Way to go


Good for you

Well, look at you go


 lam impressed

You did it that time

You are really improving.


Saying Thank You


That’ssokind of you.


Many thanks.


I can’t thank you enough.


All my love and thanks to you.


Words can’t describe how thankful I am.

Thanks a ton for helping out Cheers.


Saying Because


 due to

for the reason that

For the sake of

inasmuch as

in behalf of

in that

in the interest of


Saying I Love You

 lam better because of you

I adore you.

You are all I want.

 I’m infatuated with you.

You set my heart on fire.

You are my reason for living.

You are precious.

You complete me.


Saying No


No thanks. I have another …

I’d love to—but can’t.

I wish I could make it work.

Maybe another time.

I’msorry, I’m busy.

I am already booked.

That’s not going to work for me.


 Saying Hello



How are you feeling today?



How are ya?

Long time, no see

Good to see you


Hey There?


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