What Happens to our Body after we Die?

What Happens to our Body after we Die

what happens to our body after we die is inevitable and so far nobody has managed to escape this natural process since the dawn of humanity yes although the thought of death frightens everyone but what happens to our body after is really fascinating to know.

Once a person stops breathing his heartbeat stops and his brain dies the doctor declares the person dead and the body immediately begins the decomposition process as soon as the person dies the body begins the first stage of decomposition called primary placidity.

In which the person’s muscles relax as the jaws fall open while the eyelids lose the tension and close down at the same time the body starts to lose heat as its temperature lowers down to match with the area around it in the process with a spooky name known as the death chill then within minutes after that, the blood flow stops and it begins to settle in the lowermost part of the body.

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And after few hours we begin to see the first visible sign as the skin in those areas starts to turn purplish in the stage called liver Mortis or post-mortem stain after that within three to six hours the once relaxed body starts to contract in the process called rigomortis. And this stiffening spreads through the muscles and its speed depends upon the person’s age gender and environment but this contraction lasts only 20 to 84 hours.¬†

After which the body again goes back to the relaxed mode in the stage called the secondary facility after this begins the decomposition process but what happens to the body next depends on many factors one of which is the environment in which the body is stored.

For example, let us assume three different bodies with similar characteristics and factors are stored in different environments in that case the one exposed to air will decompose twice as fast as the one immersed in water and eight times as fast as one buried in mud but no matter what the outer condition is the internal aspects tend to remain the same as the body could no longer intake oxygen or clear the toxic gases like carbon dioxide.

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Which continues to build up inside the cells and is very acidic this acid raptures cells sac which contains enzymes that begin to eat the cell from inside out creating fluid-filled blisters on the body and as this fluid is rich in nutrients it attracts the microorganisms like fungi and bacteria already present in our body and as there is no immune system to fight these inner germs they go on eating spree.

The process releases nearly 400 different types of chemicals and gases the smell of these gases attracts various insects that feed and break down the tissues until only the skeleton is left which with time also decomposes into the mud trim your time.

Did you know? when a person dies their sense of hearing is the last to go also lack of physical exercise is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide. So it’s crucial to stay away from cell phones to play and exercise if you want to live longer hope you learned something new today.¬†

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