Who invented School?

The invention of School

Hi Friends, today let us learn about the history of these institutes of learning and answer an
important question who invented school.

School is a great place to learn new things educate yourself and make lots of new friends sure exams can be hectic at times but if it weren’t because of school humanity wouldn’t have made so much progress yes my dear friends the school system is not new but has existed for thousands of years in ancient cultures like Greece, Rome, India, and China.

Who invented School?

The invention of School

In fact, the concept of education dates back to the very first humans ever to inhabit earth as just like animals cavemen and women saw the need to pass their skills knowledge, and values to the next generation to help them survive but as time passed and a more complex society formed humans understood that it would be better to have a small group of wise adults teaches a large group of children about various subjects and just like that the concept of the school system took birth.

But the early school were more Focused on developing combat skills and passing religious beliefs rather than teaching advanced subjects like we learned today and it continued to do so for thousands of years but in the mid 17th century with the rise of the age of enlightenment.

People started to realize the importance of exploration through reading writing and mathematics these new age ideas became so popular that in 1642 Massachusetts became the first colony to make basic education a requirement and set up various schools for kids in that region but the credit for a modern version of the school system usually goes to an American politician Named Horace Mann.

Who became the secretary of education in Massachusetts in 1837. after he visited Croatia and saw its education arrangement he set forth his vision for a system of professional teachers who could teach students and organize a curriculum of basic content for this reason man is often called the father of the common school movement.

Later, other states quickly followed his system and by 1918 every state required students to complete elementary school and with time the system kept improving throughout the 20th century leading to the advanced system we enjoy today.

Remember my friends I know the time is challenging for most of us due to the current scenario consider yourself fortunate as many kids in the world can’t afford education due to a lack of support, money and other factors so always be thankful to your teacher’s, parents and make sure to help the less fortunate ones…

Did you know? obligatory school attendance became common in parts of Europe during the 18th century also the city Montessori school in Lucknow India is the largest school in the world in terms of the number of students with more than 32 000 students hope you learned something new in today… If you have any doubts regarding anything, please feel free to ask down in the comments and share this post to educate everyone…

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