Why do we have Leap Year?

Why do we have Leap Year

Hi friends, Let’s talk about a leap day. have you ever wondered why does February has 29 days in Olympia and during the rest of the year it has only 28 days? I’m sure you did. Let us find an answer to this exciting question that comes once and for years and that is why do we have leap years?

Friends, as we all are aware of the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun in orbit, and the period it takes to finish the revolution is considered as a year that the time taken to complete this circle is estimated to be 365 days.

But in reality, the earth takes around three hundred and sixty-five point two five days (365.25 days) which counts to an extra six hours so what do we do with these extra six hours in hand.

Why do we have Leap Year
Why do we have Leap Year?

We add them four times to create a once in a four-year phenomenon called the leap year. But how well to answer that question we need to go back in time into the Roman era.

A long time ago, lived a legendary Emperor named Ro Mullis the founder and the first king of Rome. Rome Alice had a problem and that was he found it challenging to keep track of seasons festivals and numerous ceremonies.

So, to overcome it he ordered to make a ten months lunar calendar with each month consisting of either 30 or 31 days that started in March and ended with December and a total of three hundred and four days (304 days). But there was a major issue with this approach the calendar was not in sync with the four seasons.

But the problem didn’t end there once Rome Alyssa’s drain ended and King Numa Pompilius came into power he decided to take a different approach with a slight flavor of ancient Rome’s superstitions according to Romans even numbers are considered to be a piece of bad luck.

So to avoid them he started removing a day from all the even-numbered months and now the total number of days of these ten months counted up to two hundred and ninety-eight (298) but Numa wasn’t satisfied as his intention was to cover the 12 cycles of phases of the Moon.

Which takes around twenty-nine point five days (29.5 days) in a month so they decided to multiply 29.5 days with 12 cycles of the moon and came up with a year formed of 354 days and as it was an even number again Numa took advantage of being a king and willingly added another day in the year to make it account of 355 days.

An odd number that’s odd really odd I say but the problem was even bigger now as they were left with an extra fifty-seven days (57 days) in hand so to cover them up King Numa added two more months at the end of the calendar and stack 29 days to one month which was January and 28 to another which was February the shortest month of the earth.

But again, what about the extra one day in February that makes Alipio? well as time progressed and later Emperor Julius Caesar came into power he brought the solar calendar into the picture which had a year made of 365 days the solar calendar moved January and February in the big and made arrangements by adding 10 days in different months to achieve a total of 365 days.

But in the end, they were left with the doubt that what do we do with that one extra day that came by adding an extra six hours four times well as February was the shortest month they decided to add this one extra day to it and that’s how February got 29 days in Olympia.

However, everything is meant to be temporary. So even the Julian calendar began to fail after 1,500 years as the seasons were 10 days late and thus to overcome this Pope Gregory the 13th replaced the Julian calendar with the more refined Gregorian one.

Which we still follow and assume that it will show us the seasons and festival cycle correctly for the next eight thousand years.

Did you know? About four million people in the world a leap date babies termed as sleepers on leap Ling’s also another fun fact for you if January 1st and December 31st fall or different days of the week then understand that it is a leap year hope you learned something today…

So friends hope you have understood why do we have a leap year. If you have any doubts regarding anything, feel free to ask down in the comments section.

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